How to access the UC browser on a desktop PC

UCWeb, maker of the world’s most popular third-party mobile browser based on market share (Statcounter data for 2022), today launched a beta version of UC Browser for PC in international markets. This shows that UCWeb is showing its commitment to connecting users all over the world to the internet. Wherever you are and whatever device you use it with.

You can now download the beta version of UC Browser PC and try it out at

1. Download the UC browser from here and install it at

2. To install it, click Install.

3. Experience the difference between the light and fast UC Browser Browser.

4. The attractive design of UC Browser is in no way inferior to other browsers.

Brief explanation of the UC browser

From cell phone to desktop

This introduction was triggered by the fast web browsing experience and the many local features found in UC Browser mobile, and this is what makes UC Browser used all over the world.

Today, UC Browser has become the leading third-party mobile browser with a market share of over 11% worldwide at the end of 2022 (data according to StatCounter) and has gained more than 100 million daily active users by the end of 2022.

In addition, the UC Browser PC is a feature that fans in the global market who want to experience more extensive browsing on their desktops have been waiting for.

In a recent survey of UC Browser mobile users, we found that many of them use PCs as a work tool other than mobile, ”said Jerry Wen, director of product initiative.

“Also, a lot of them like the features of our mobile version and want to use them on their desktop. We have also continued to respond to market demands for the browsing capabilities available on desktop devices. We also believe that we can increase our popularity as PC browsers by making user needs our priority. “

Smoother browsing on mobile devices and desktops

In order to keep its promise as the fastest browser, the UC Browser PC is packed with several important features that are loved by fans who use UC Browser Mobile. For example, with Cpuld Sync, users can synchronize tabs and bookmarks from the UC browser on mobile devices. This allows users to conveniently surf on mobile devices and desktops.

The UC Browser PC also has fast download functions with the option to continue the download process in the event of connection problems. In addition, the UC Browser PC is equipped with an intelligent file manager that can automatically categorize downloaded files according to file type.

Just like the mobile UC browser, the desktop version is also equipped with a preloading that creates previous photos and links so that users can open and browse immediately without restrictions. Other features that can be found in UC Browser are add-ons, themes, adblock, gesture support, and shortcuts that can be customized to your needs.

About UCWeb

UCWeb Inc. (UCWeb) is part of the Alibaba Group Company, a leading provider of mobile Internet software and services. Since 2004, UCWeb’s mission has been to bring a better mobile Internet experience to billions of users around the world. UCWeb’s flagship product, UC Browser, UCWeb’s flagship product is UCBrowser, which is available on more than 3,000 different versions of mobile devices from more than 200 manufacturers and is compatible with all mobile operating systems.

UC Browser serves more than 500 million users in more than 150 countries around the world and is now available in ten languages ​​including English, Russian, Indonesian and Vietnamese. More information is available at

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