How to access the music sticker feature in Instagram Story

This time, Instagram has re-released the latest features on Insta-Stories. Yes, these features are music stickers. This feature makes it easy for users to add songs to any of their Insta story posts.

Unfortunately, this feature has just been released for iOS while Android users will have to be patient as it only covers some countries, not Indonesia. So what if we want to experience these functions in Indonesia? Well, this time Inwepo has provided a few tips and tricks.

Instagram music

Currently, Instagram appears as a social medium that is very popular with many people in this world. Thanks to the regular presentation of the latest features, many Instagram users feel at home for a long time. Not so long ago, Instagram brought new features like Video call group, and also Name tag Now news is circulating again about the latest feature, namely music stickers.

The features in the Insta story allow us to add background Music in every post. It’s just that the newly released feature wasn’t presented to all countries. Few countries can try this feature, Indonesia cannot. Can’t we try this function in Indonesia then? The answer is yes. Curious how? Try the following trick.

Video tutorials


1. First step, uninstall first the Instagram application that is enabled Smartphone She. Next download and To install USA VPN application.

2. Step two, open USA VPN and Tap Optimal location. Select menu FOR FREE and choose server USA or United States of America.

3. Third step, open settings Smartphone and Tap Installed Apps or installed applications. Next, search for Play Store and then delete all the data using Tap delete data.

4. In the fourth step, open the Play Store again and download Instagram app. After donedownload Log into your Instagram account as usual.

5. In the fifth step, create a new story post or Tap Camera icon. Next Tap the icon Decal.

6. Sixth step, Tap Music sticker and choose the song you want to make background Music.

7. Seventh step, use crate below to select the desired piece of music.

This is a tutorial on how to access the Music Stickers feature in Instagram Stories. Much luck.

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