How not to overcome a screenshot on Android for security reasons

Have you ever experienced an inability to do this? Screenshots or take a picture on the screen like in the app Mobile banking, Telegram and other important applications? When you try to take a screenshot, the message “Screenshot due to security guidelines on Android” or “Screenshot cannot be taken due to limited storage space or the app does not allow this“It’s not because reminder They are full, but for security reasons.

For that we have to do bypass Screenshots by using alternative applications Screenshots. Because of functions Screenshots The standard of Android that we have is indeed limited when it comes to user security issues.

can take Screenshots what is forbidden in certain apps the method is very simple on iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android and you don’t need root access (no root) Here is how.

Video tutorials


1. Install the app DU Screen Recorder Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) in the Play Store and App Store.

2. Run the DU Screen Recorder application, then go to Settings (Gear icon) .

3. Scroll down seek Recording tools then wipe or Activate the screenshot button.

4. After it is activated, then Popup icon the camera will appear on the screen, you can take pictures with apps that cannot be taken Screenshots by doing-Tap the icon DU recorder camera on the screen Smartphone She.

An example in this tutorial, want Screenshots Independent online application.

Now you can take Screenshots on every application. Even if those who are sure cannot take pictures this way bypass safety Android with the DU Recorder application.

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