How much does the latest Chou Thunderfist Mobile Legends (ML) Skin 2022 cost?

How much does the latest Chou Thunderfist Mobile Legends (ML) skin in 2022 cost!

In the Mobile Legends game, we got a new skin for a Chou hero named Thunderfist.

This skin is part of the Superhero skin, along with the officially released Bruno and Lancelot a while back.

To get it yourself, you’ll have to go through a rolling thunder event that requires a lot of diamonds.

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Butterfly Thunder Fist Skin Price ml

afterwards, How much is the exact price If you want to get it at the Rolling Thunder Event Lotto, this Super Thunder Fist Skin?

The answer is No fixed price However, it is based on the Youtubers Mobile Legends (ML) that purchased this skin.

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They are all average Use diamonds There are 10,000 to 12,000 diamonds, which translates into money, which requires 2 to 3 million rupiah.

Getting exclusive butterfly skins is a great price, but don’t worry may be The gacha that you can get the latest skin of Shu at a low price depends on each person’s luck.

Butterfly Thunder Fist Skin Price ml

Is the high price comparable to the effect of Shu’s new skin? According to SPIN Esports, these are the keys, so they are all equivalent.

  • The effects of all skills and recalls are very cool.
  • Limited edition skins or skins will no longer be available during and after the event.
  • Skins are not in vain, as the butterfly itself is the most flexible hero with all the meta. Therefore, it should not be extinct from the Mobile Legends meta. Therefore, Chou and his new skins can be used with any meta at any time.

How are spinners interested in buying it? If you’re curious, open the Mobile Legends application and draw at the Rolling Thunder event!

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