Horror! This is the Build Helcurt Mobile Legends that hurts Meta 2022

GridGames.ID – Recently, the Assassin role hero in Mobile Legends, Helcurt, is often seen on the banned list during rank mode.

This happens because Helcurt is indeed one of the heroes with sick and troublesome skills.

How are you not? Helcurt has the ultimate skill that makes the entire battlefield pitch black.


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With this condition, the opposing hero cannot see where their teammates and opponents are.

Meanwhile, the team with Helcurt could easily execute their opponent, as they had the advantage of being able to see where the opponent was.

In addition to his very useful ultimate skill, Helcurt also has excellent Crowd Control skills.

In fact, he also has high mobility and skills that make it easy for him to ganking opposing heroes.

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If Helcurt is released or not banned, you can use it and don’t forget to use a suitable build item so that Helcurt’s attacks are painful.

Just go ahead, this is the sickest Helcurt Mobile Legends build 2022, the GridGames version.


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