Hololive EN Will Debut Soon!

After being promised by Hololive for a long time, finally Hololive EN introduces its new member who belongs to the #HoloMyth generation

Reporting from the official Hololive social media page, finally Hololive with VTuber members from the west who are proficient in English will soon debut in the near future. The official announcement comes by introducing Hololive EN members who are referred to as the HoloMyth generation.

The audience was very enthusiastic about the announcement of the debut of Hololive EN. The comments column looks happy to welcome the presence of this new branch of Hololive… although some question that Coco Caine doesn’t seem to appear in the VTuber ranks.

Until this news was published, the five new members of VTuber Hololive EN HoloMyth generation have been actively chatting with potential viewers on their respective Twitters.

HoloMyth’s debut trailer video looks really cool!

HoloMyth . member profile

-Mori Calliope-

Hololive EN will be debuting soon!  - Otaku Mobileague
Let’s Calliope, VTuber angel of death

He appears as a disciple of the angel of death. In the modern era of health, he feels that he has no role as an angel of death, so he tries to harvest souls through activities as a VTuber during Hololive registration. Even though he harvests souls through his activities as a Vtuber because it seems that the soul evaporates due to the warm and heart-melting action (TeeTee/Wholesome) it will be collected into his daily quota.

She was a soft-hearted girl with a sweet voice, contrary to the tendency of her words to be harsh with her loud voice.

He will debut on September 12, at 20:00 Japanese time (JST)

Character design by Yukisame @y_k_sme
YouTube Channel
Account Twitter

-Takanashi Kiara-

Hololive EN will be debuting soon!  - Otaku Mobileague
Takanashi Kiara, the Eternal Phoenix

An Idol girl who wants to be the owner of a fast food shop (Ala KFC). He is the incarnation of an immortal bird, Phoenix, not a chicken let alone a turkey, so don’t get me wrong. She is a hardworking girl who often drains her life but even so, she can come back to life from the rest of her ashes.

He will debut on September 12, at 22:00 Japanese time (JST)

Character design by huke @hukeweb
YouTube Channel
Account Twitter

-Ninomae Ina’nis-

Hololive EN will be debuting soon!  - Otaku Mobileague
Ninomae Ina’nis, this Vtuber is not Eld–

Before having this form, she used to be a priestess for an elder god. One day, when he picks up a strange book, he gains the power to control tentacles. Now, the tentacles that come from his new power are part of his daily life and he never thinks strange things and he with his girl spirit always wants to look stylish and elegant. fashion.

Since getting this power, he often gets whispers of revelation from the “Elder” and although his appearance seems innocent and ordinary, his presence and activities as a VTuber often erode the mental and mental health of the audience.

Kuroboshi Kurohaku’s character design @kuroboshi
YouTube Channel
Account Twitter

He will be debuting on September 13, at 04.00 Japanese time (JST)… those who want to watch the debut, please stay up late, or wake up early

Gawr Gura

Hololive EN will be debuting soon!  - Otaku Mobileague
Gawr Gura, VTuber is the incarnation of a baby shark… not Megalodon right?

Is a descendant of the lost city of Atlantis who plays on land while saying “In the sea it’s boring”. He came ashore bringing his favorite clothes (including his shark suit) to Japan. In his spare time he likes to talk about life under the sea.

Natsuki Amajo’s character design @ amsrntk3
YouTube Channel
Account [Twitter]

He will debut on September 13, at 06.00 Japanese time (JST)

Watson Amelia

Hololive EN will be debuting soon!  - Otaku Mobileague
Watson Amelia, Vtuber detective, will she be from Sherlock Holmes partner?

When she hears a lot of gossip and rumors about a talking fox (Fubuki?), a magical squirrel (Risu?), a superhuman dog (Korone?) and many other Hololive members, Watson Amelia comes and enters Hololive to find out the truth of the gossip and rumors. the rumor, since he also wants to be an idol, so one goal.

He likes to play FPS and puzzle games that train his reflexes to just waste time.

He will debut on September 13, at 08.00 Japanese time (JST)

After all five of HoloMyth have finished their first debut, they will collaborate together which will be held on September 13, 10 a.m. Japan time (JST)

Hololive EN will be debuting soon!  - Otaku Mobileague

Of the five new Hololive EN members of the HoloMyth generation, which Vtuber does Mobidachi like and want to see their early debut?

To enjoy the most updated articles about Vtuber both in Indonesia and abroad, Mobidachi can also keep an eye on the Vtuber Corner at otaku.mobileague.id.

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