Hold the newest empty FF Max lobby 2022

Keep the FF Max lobby empty – The new version of Free Fire was officially released by Garena under the name Free Fire Max. In this version of FF Max, players can enjoy various improvements in the game, especially those related to the graphics.

As one of the successors to the popular Battle Royale game, the presence of Free Fire Max will surely be warmly welcomed by fans. Especially for content creators who want to create content through Free Fire Max.

Well, for those of you interested in creating interesting content about Free Fire Max, you might need some materials including the latest 2022 FF Max empty lobby

Hold the lobby Free Fire Max

The FF Max Lobby Resistance is the main wallpaper on the Free Fire Max game lobby display. The raw image of the Free Fire Max lobby is of course still empty and has no menu or character display.

You can apply the latest FF Max background for various editing purposes. And you can use the results for videos, cover photos, banners and even thumbnails.

Download the latest empty FF Max Lobby 2022

You can easily download the FF Max HD lobby from the link below. The following is a raw download link for a blank Free Fire Max lobby background that can be used for editing.

You can download the simple FF Max lobby via Google Drive in PNG format using the link above. Once downloaded, you can use it for photo and video editing.

How to keep the FF Max lobby empty

Not only can you download the FF Max lobby background, but you can also easily create your own simple Free Fire Max lobby via KineMaster by following these steps:

  • Open the Screen Recording application.
  • Next, open the Free Fire Max game.
  • Next, select the mode education.
  • Then start the screen recording.
  • In this case, click Start Training.
  • After entering Training, stop screen recording.
  • Run the KineMaster application, then import a video with an aspect ratio of 16: 9.
  • Then select the section when an empty FF Max lobby appears, namely after clicking Start and before loading.
  • Trim the video by clicking the scissors icon.
  • Then click the Capture Frame menu on the left and choose an option Capture and save frame on payhead.
  • Done, now the raw FF Max lobby has been saved in the gallery.

Creating your own empty FF Max lobby level can be an option to get the latest FF lobby level. In addition, you can re-edit the layer through KineMater or other applications.

Well, that was the FF Max lobby latest blank background article. You can download the latest FF Max lobby raw data from the link above. That’s the full FF Max article this time around, and hopefully it can be useful.

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