Hitomi Cocco, Blind VTuber from CoCo Diversity Entertainment

Having a physical disability is not a barrier to work, Hitomi Cocco, a blind VTuber made his debut under the agency CoCo Diversity Entertainment.

On August 31, 2022 a VTuber from Japan debuted as a VTuber under the name Hitomi Cocco. Different from VTuber in general, Himself announced that he is a Blind VTuber. Mobidachi can get to know more about VTuber in this article.

Look attractive even though you have physical flaws

Hitomi Cocco, Blind VTuber from CoCo Diversity Entertainment - Otaku Mobileague

Hitomi Cocco explained that due to a rare disease he suffered, his left eye was completely blind and replaced with an attractive false eye.

He also confirmed that his voice actor has the same physical deficiency which is also experiencing complete blindness in his left eye while his right eye is gradually losing sight.

Even so, Hitomi Cocco is passionate about becoming a VTuber so that he can do lots of fun things and channel his excess passion to his fans. He is committed to providing content on his channel once or twice a month.

Hitomi Cocco introduction video

How is it Mobidachi, hopefully this article will inspire all Mobidachi who might want to become a VTuber. If Mobidachi wants to enjoy the most updated articles about Vtuber both in Indonesia and abroad, keep following the Vtuber Corner at otaku.mobileague.id.

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