History of eSports in Indonesia: From City Battles to World Champions

GridGames.ID – eSports or electronic sports did not originate from Indonesia.

However, according to historical traces, in Indonesia itself there has also been the development of eSports that started from small to what it is now.

Currently, who knows how many world cups have been won by teams from Indonesia, starting from Point Blank, PUBG Mobile to Mobile Legends.

All of them managed to show the power of homeland gamers to the world stage.

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However, before being as big and grand as it is today, eSports in Indonesia also crawled first to be able to stand tall as they are today.

The photo above could be one of the forerunners to the development of eSports in the country.

The reason is that the photo reads “Welcome to the participants of the 1989 East Java Nintendo competition, at THR Surabaya Mall.”

Around that year Nintendo was doing promotions through competitions.

Two Nintendo Challenge Championship competitions were held grandly in the world in 1990, namely in Japan and in the United States.

But unfortunately, no media has yet discussed in more detail the photo of the East Java level Nintendo competition, so the photo is became the only sheet of eSport history in the 80s.

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Internet age

You could say, eSports in Indonesia itself were born following the development of the internet which began in 1995.

At that time, homeland gamers began to play various types of online games that were loved abroad.




The development of eSports is also growing rapidly thanks to the presence of internet cafes or internet cafes scattered in every major city in Indonesia.

Until finally in 1999, eSports officially appeared for the first time in Indonesia.

At that time, the first online game competition was held.

The eSport competition was pioneered by the Game League, which is a forum for gamers in Indonesia.

There were two games being competed at that time, Quake II and Starcraft.

Entering the era of the 2000s, eSports are bigger than ever.

The World Cyber ​​Game Championship was held in eight major cities in Indonesia by competing against FIFA World Cup, Age of Empries II, Counter-Strike and StarCraft: Brood War.

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Although initially underestimated and shrouded in a bad stigma, now eSport Indonesia is starting to get its place as a prestigious sport.

It has even entered the 2022 Asian Games exhibition sport, you know! Do you still remember?

Asian Games eSports


Asian Games eSports

In the same year, an international class eSport competition titled the Indonesia Games Championship was held in Indonesia, which was attended by more than 9000 participants and 13,000 visitors.

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The era of Mobile Games as a new trend that dominates

In the midst of the development of eSports in Indonesia, there is one trend that is not expected to dominate, namely mobile games.

Stepping back a bit to 2014, this year is the latest chapter of Indonesian eSports where a company called Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) launched Vainglory through a presentation session on a graphical API technology called Metal for iPhone 6.

At that time, Vainglory could be called a MOBA pioneer for mobile.

Although not the first, SEMC can create MOBA on mobile perfectly with the 3v3 concept.

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A year later, Vainglory was again a pioneer.

This time, the MOBA game became a global eSports mobile game pioneer by holding a Vainglory World Invitational which was attended by 8 best teams from various countries.

Vainglory Worlds 2022


Vainglory Worlds 2022

Unfortunately, getting here, Vainglory’s name is getting dimmer.

In 2022, the last Vainglory World Championship was held in Singapore and Elite8 became the only representative of Indonesia.

In that year, the MOBA competition got hotter thanks to the arrival of Mobile Legends which immediately became a new phenomenon in Indonesia.

It can be seen from the Mobile Legends SEA Cup 2022, being one of the eSport events with the highest number of viewers.

At the 2022 MSC Finals which was held at Taman Anggrek Mall, thousands of people filled the mall to become crowded and showed the huge potential of the eSports scene for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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In the following year, a mobile version of one of the pioneers of Battle Royale was released by Tencent Gaming, PUBG Mobile.

Getting a good response from the world and players in Indonesia, PUBGM managed to get 200 million active players in the same year when it was released.

It didn’t take long, Tencent immediately held the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC 2022) to show its existence in the realm of Indonesian eSports.

eSport Mobile Games in Indonesia was growing very rapidly at that time.

Until in the end, in 2022, the name of Indonesia was known thanks to the many achievements obtained.

Bigetron RA world champion


Bigetron RA world champion

Like Bigretron Red Alien becoming the PUBG Mobile world champion in the PUBG Mobile Club Open Global Finals 2022 competition, Onic Esports became the strongest team in Southeast Asia through the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2022 and Evos Esports became the world champion in Mobile Legends through the M1 World Championship.

How about you guys, now you know the history of Indonesian eSports?

Are you a part of history or are you just a spectator?

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