Here’s what social style features and what they mean in Free Fire (FF)!

Let’s get acquainted with the Social Style feature of Free Fire’s (FF) Battle Tag feature! A month has passed and the Free Fire patch OB26 has been released. We can only welcome the addition of many new items and features.

There are lots of new features and items that you are interested in, and those who are interested can understand by reading the news Free fire Click here for tomorrow’s updates.

One of the things included in this latest patch is Battle tag, As an addition to the integrity of the Free Fire player profile. These battle tags appear as badges that other players will see.

You can display this battle tag on your profile to prove to other players that you have already received some battle tags.

There are two types of tags you can install here. In other words Sociable style And Battle style, In this article, I’ll explain a little about social style.

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Social Style Free Fire (FF), please describe your personality!

Ready to use 8 social styles What you can put in profile To let visiting players know your personality!

This is a bit different from the battle style you need to get first by performing some of your existing missions.

  • Trendsetter:: mix And match, I’m the most fashionable
  • Socialite: Making friends is the most important thing To kill
  • veteran: Experienced player who knows the inside and outside of the battle
  • Beginner: It gets stronger day by day
  • Play to win: Booya is everything!
  • Just for fun: Enjoy the game, enjoy the game
  • Talking box: I like to hear your voice, and I love to hear it
  • Silent killer: Action is better than words, check out my game
Battle tag free fire
Source: Garena Free Fire Indonesia

What is the function of knowing the social style of other players? If you can read the personality of a player before playing, you can at least know what to do during the match.

Not all players you meet have the same personality as you, so some people don’t want to say hello or say hello. With a microphone.. Some are always fighting and making kill number one.

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Use social styles to identify a person’s personality in a friend’s profile, so set your style based on facts.

After changing in the profile style, Go to tab Social style. There you can select some tags to display.

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