Here’s Sony’s New Design Overhaul Plan!

Smartphone Android made Sony since four years ago always have the same design. However, that will soon change.

Kenichiro Hibi, Managing Director Sony India which mentions that the Japanese company will release smartphone new with a new design. Unfortunately, Hibi did not mention when the new phone will be released.

“(Sony) plans to launch a new generation of products, and you can see that the device will have a completely new design,” said Hibi in an interview.

Sony Smartphones

Usually, Sony will launch its new phone at the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) in May, and will launch smartphone more in IFA in August. So it seems smartphone The new one will be released in 2022.

If guessing the design smartphone like what will be used Sony, looks like the choice will fall on a design with thin bezels and an 18:9 screen, like flagship smartphone output 2017 from other manufacturers.

While mobile Sony what is currently there is arguably still the same as the design Xperia Z which was launched on 2013 then. Namely a phone with a rigid shape with sharp edges.

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