Here’s how you can access Ruangguru for free for 30 days with Telkomsel

The spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) has reached Indonesia. In fact, the virus originating from China has already taken its toll in Indonesia. The number of victims of COVID-19 has risen unchecked to more than 20.

Given the massive spread, the government has issued a policy that schools will remain closed for 14 days. President Jokowi has also appealed to people to work, study, and worship from home.

President Jokowi’s appeal for children to study from home was also well received by several groups. The Telekomsel is one of those who responded positively to the call.

The Telekomsel welcomes the President’s appeal and is starting a 30-day package with free access to the learning platform on-line like Ruangguru. This free access package from Telekomsel is intended for students so that the learning process at home is not neglected.

If you are currently using Telekom and then have children or younger siblings who are still in school, then you should use this free parcel service from Telekom. If you don’t know how to get it, you can listen to the tutorial below.


1. Please open the MyTelkomsel application installed on your Android phone.

2. If so, please tap Buy Package.

3. Choose Internet.

4. Select the category for free access, then tap Buy with free Ruangguru access.

5. Tap Buy.

6. The package was successfully obtained.

7. You will also receive a notification.

8. Done.

By using the Telekomsel services, parents should be helped to accompany their children’s learning process. After all, there are now many learning platforms on-line what can help children to learn what is a shame if it is not used.

This is the tutorial on how you can access Ruangguru for free for 30 days with Telekomsel. Hope it’s useful.

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