Here’s how to overcome the dissonance that often falls on mobile.

Is your dissonance often choppy? Click here for how to fix it!

Of course, gamers know applications that help them communicate with their friends.

Of course, communication is very important in some games, and some games require communication between players.

Examples of games that have become a hot topic recently Among us, Bat Royale Game PUBG Mobile, And many other games.

Some games provide audio features that allow players to avoid using other applications.

However, the in-game audio may not be as good or smooth as we think. One of the famous game voice applications is discord.

Well, here I will teach you how to make a sound discord You won’t give up!

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How to change the server in Discord so it doesn’t break

Discord is a nest for gamers to talk to each other. This is because discord does not charge for the games we play.

As long as this application is running, it’s not that heavy, so the games we play will not be delayed.

Mobile players often have the problem of choppy dissonance.

You guys can Change server On your discord channel, change it to an external server to make your network more stable.

The servers that have been considered good so far are: Sydney,Indian people, And Singapore This can be the main server.

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The method is very simple Only the person who created the server can run it.

  • Open the Discord server and press the three dot button next to the server name.
  • select Settings> Overview
  • There you will see there Server region, Usually we went to a server in Singapore.
  • If that server is still intermittent, switch to another server recommended above.
  • [サーバー リージョン]Select and select the desired server.

Discord dotted line

After that, you won’t experience parting and you can play smoothly with your friends.

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