Here’s how to get DJ Alok glasses on Free Fire (FF):

A new DJ Alok glass released on Free Fire (FF).

To all players Free Fire (FF) From the beginning, you’ll remember how much hype was there when the DJ Alok character was released.

DJ Alok is Free Fire’s favorite character, and other characters are rarely even used in combat.

The DJ character is also very famous and has excellent skills, so there are many prizes for Free Fire events, which are the main prizes.

Over time, DJ Alok’s fame has declined, but it’s still widely used, but DJ Alok is no longer talked about.

Garena is now a skin related to this DJ Alok, that is Aroku glasses What is readily available.

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How to get DJ Alok Free Fire (FF) glasses

To get the glasses of this legendary character, just do the following: Top up Because the event that gives this prize is a top-up event!

According to the information in the video Calger, This event will be held tomorrow Wednesday, November 25, 2022. Get Aroku’s glasses there!

DJ Alok Free Fire Glasses
Source: Calger

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From the outside, these Alok glasses are bright orange, super-luxury, and have a fairly large lens size, making the wearer look like a famous DJ.

These glasses look great when worn by Alok characters, but can be used with other characters as well.

The pictures of the glasses in the inventory have Alok written in a cool letter font, and these glasses have attracted the attention of many people.

At least the top-up you need to do 140 diamonds According to the information provided, don’t be late!

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