Here’s how to get awakening pieces in Free Fire (FF):

This is how to get an awakening shard with Freefire!

Free fire (FF) Is a very popular game for players due to its many cool features such as characters.

Battle Royale rarely has many characters with the skills to easily win a match.

Cool, in this Garena game, some characters already have a second version. Awakening.

Characters with the Awakened version will acquire different skills than the previous version and will look cooler than before.

In general, you need an item to upgrade it in Free Fire. In this case, you need an item to raise your character’s awakening level. Awakening shards.

Here, we will show you how to get an awakening shard with Freefire and level up your awakening character!

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How to get Awakening Fragments for free!

Awakening character mission!

This mission usually exists at the beginning of an awakening character released on Freefire and usually gives you the opportunity to get the character for free.

When you complete all the missions given, you will get a piece of awakening as an additional reward.

Therefore, if you have the next Awakening character, don’t forget to complete the Awakening mission!

Elite pass badge

Source: Rendi Rangers

Elite Pass badges, such as the levels you need to raise by completing the missions given to your Elite Pass.

If you can reach the badge 220 Elite Pass, The prizes you can win are pieces of awakening.

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Free fire event

You’ll have to wait for information about upcoming FF events, as one of the upcoming events will give you a piece of awakening.

Of course, you can easily get rewarded in the form of awakening fragments by completing existing missions.

That’s an easy way to get Awakening Shard on Free Fire. So, for those who want to raise the level of their awakening character, you can check it out right away!

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