Here’s How To Change Your Profile Photo In Call Of Duty Mobile Easily

How to Change Profile Photo in Call of Duty Mobile — Call of Duty Mobile is now available on Android, and iOS mobile devices and players have the opportunity to play it. The game has gone through some changes after its worldwide release, but Activision has solved most of the problems except for controller support. In a controversial move, Activision pushed an update to Call of Duty Mobile that removed controller support completely from the game. However, game fans still enjoy the shooter experience on mobile devices as the game is fully optimized for touch control. Read also: How to Invite Friends on Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Change Profile Photo on Call of Duty Mobile Here's How to Change Profile Photo on Call of Duty Mobile Easily

Call of Duty Mobile does remove controller support, but it still allows players to customize their characters with a plethora of different skins and items. Apart from character customization, this game also allows players to customize their profile to stand out from other players. Users can change their profile photo or avatar, display selected achievements, or add medals to their profile. Players stuck with the default profile photo may be looking for a way to change the profile photo to something more expressive. Call of Duty Mobile has many different avatars that players can use as their profile photos, here’s how to do it.

How to Change Profile Photo in Call of Duty Mobile

Changing your profile photo in Call of Duty Mobile is very easy and can be done in a few steps. Read also: How to Change Nickname in Call of Duty Mobile.

1. Tap the username in the top left corner to open the profile snippet.

2. Select the Player Profile icon, which is the second icon in the top bar.

3. In the Player Profile menu, tap on the current avatar and a new screen will appear with a selection of different avatars to choose from.

4. Select the preferred avatar and close the popup to save the selection. Players can also add frames to profile photos from the same pop-up menu.

Here’s how players can change their avatar in Call of Duty Mobile; however, users who don’t really like the selection of game avatars can actually turn the avatar into their Facebook profile picture. Here’s how to add a Facebook profile picture to Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Replace CODM Profile Photo with Facebook Profile Photo

Players who want their Facebook profile photo to appear in the game must log into the game with their Facebook account. This can be done by selecting Facebook on the Call of Duty Mobile login screen. Once the Facebook account is linked to the game, players can follow the same steps as shown above. However, instead of just specifying a default avatar in the pop-up menu, simply click Restore Defaults at the bottom of the menu, and the game will clear all options and return to your Facebook profile picture.

That’s our clarification regarding how to change profile photo in Call of Duty Mobile. Hopefully our clarification is useful for you. Read also: Garena Call of Duty Mobile Cheats.

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