Here’s how to accuse the Smooth Crew of being a scammer among us:

Here’s how a subtle crew can be accused of being a scammer in the SPINEsports version of Among Us:

As we already know, play between us can be divided into two roles: crew and fraudster.

The word crew simplicity itself is a good role that exists only to complete the mission and avoid being killed by fraudsters.

The fraudster, on the other hand, was only tasked with killing one crew member at a time and being kicked by another crew member to accuse him of being a fraudster.

In this regard, SPIN Esports provides subtle accusations or hints that invite others to accuse them of being fraudsters.

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Scammers between us

In fact, we are scammers ourselves, what should we do?

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Write this sentence in an in-game chat. “How can I get into ventilation like an orange (for example), why can’t I? I just played.”

Or“Why does Orange keep following me (for example), doesn’t that mean that every crew member has a mission? Why does he keep following me?”..

And finally, “Believe me, orange (for example) kill the red one (for example) in front of you.”

Automatically, the above sentence is 80% trusted by other players, but the negative impact is that we are accused of being a direct scammer after the match.

Therefore, if possible, kill the crew wisely and secretly after successfully blaming the other crew.

It was a subtle hint, or he wasn’t really a scammer, or when this was just a scam, he invited another crew member to kick one crew member as a scammer.

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