Here’s Free Fire’s Annual Income

Free Fire Earnings Annual

Free Fire Earnings Annual – It is common knowledge that Free Fire or FF is one of the best online games so far. The game developed by the famous developer, Garena, amazed many people and chose to be loyal to continue playing this game.

Free Fire is not the only most favorite game in the world or in Indonesia. Besides FF, there are also Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile which are some of the most popular games of this century. For you FF users, of course this is the best game

Meanwhile for people who play games other than FF they will feel FF is not the best game. This time we will not explain too deeply about people’s perceptions of the Free Fire game. We will explain or provide important information for you

The important information we mean is where we will provide a review of Free Fire’s Annual Income. This information is certainly very important for you, especially the players. Don’t let you often play and buy diamonds but don’t know Free Fire’s income.

How much does Free Fire earn per year?

As a smart player or survivor, you have to know how much Free Fire earns or earns. This is very important to measure how far the developer gives the predicate or fit back to the players.

If in the previous review we have provided information about PUBG’s Annual Income. So on this auspicious occasion, we will specifically provide a review or explain how much Free Fire earns.

Estimated Annual Free Fire Revenue

If you note well, Free Fire or Garena never releases how much they earn each year. because this is a company secret, it is not surprising that this is very secret.

Even though it’s closed, at least we can provide an estimate or a minimum count of the income earned by Garena as the developer or official developer of Free Fire. However, this estimate cannot be used as a scientific basis.

FF Income Count Per Year

When viewed from the play store page, the FF game has been downloaded or installed more than 500 million times. That means the users of this game reach a minimum of 500 million. If we calculate the minimum limit, of course, FF’s income is very large.

FF’s main income comes from diamond sales. If one user spends a minimum of 100 thousand per year every year, then if you multiply it by 500 million, FF’s income can reach 6 trillion. Not to mention the added sponsorship and other income.

We think that up to this point, you have been able to assess yourself and you can also judge for yourself. What we calculate is an interpretation that can be wrong and can also be accurate. For this reason, this is only for information and should not be used as a reference

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The final word

By reading what we have described, we hope that you can draw your own conclusions and understand what we have described. Please discuss this with your friends, fellow FF players

That’s all we can tell you about Free Fire Earnings Annual. Hopefully what we have presented and also explained can be handled wisely. That’s all from us, see you again on the next opportunity.

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