Here’s a look at 7 Battlefield 2042 Maps, Full of Extreme Territories!

Battlefield 2042 game poster


Battlefield 2042 game poster

GridGames.ID – Today (10/6), EA and DICE officially announced the launch schedule and some details about their newest FPS game, Battlefield 2042.

In its announcement, EA provided details of the map that will be present in Battlefield 2042.

Noted, Battlefield 2042 has 7 maps which are representations of several regions around the world.

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The Battlefield 2042 map represents tough battles and missions.

Players will encounter extreme contours, weather, and geographic conditions on the Battlefield 2042 map.

Curious about the Map that will be present in the Battlefield 2042 game? Let’s see the full explanation.

1. Map Breakaway

Breakaway Map


Breakaway Map

First, there is Map Breakaway which is set in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.


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