Here Are Tips From Lenovo To Take Care Of Your Health While Playing Games

Illustration of playing PC game


Illustration of playing PC game

GridGames.ID – Almost all gamers are known to have bad habits, such as forgetting the time when playing games, especially eSports players who often have to practice and play for a long time.

Reported from the NexTren page, dr. Alfred from FitLion, who is one of Lenovo’s partners in designing the best gaming laptops, said that this is wrong and very dangerous for health.

Because when playing games, our bodies will be in a stressful condition, especially for an eSports athlete.

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When we play games, our heart rate will beat high up to 160 bpm, which is the same number as the heart rate of a race car driver during a race.

This causes our blood pressure to tend to be higher than usual.

Likewise, our stress levels will be above average, especially in competitive games where they are more stressful.

Illustration of man playing online game.


Illustration of man playing online game.

Like all things in life, everything we do must be balanced, as well as in maintaining a healthy body.

Therefore, adequate sleep is very important in a healthy life.

Our bodies need 8 hours of sleep so that our stress levels can be lowered and our heart rate also becomes regular and normal.

A calm mind and a healthy body will add to the quality of your gaming game.

Not only is the condition of the body more difficult to work, but there are also dangers that lurk in the eyes because the screen of the gadget or monitor emits blue light (Blue Light) which radiates directly to our bodies.

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Excessive blue light can have a negative effect on the body and especially on our eyes.

Illustration of playing games.


Illustration of playing games.

Because blue light can affect our sleep cycle and make our eyes tired quickly.

Too much exposure to blue light at night is really dangerous because it can make it difficult for us to sleep well which results in a messy sleep cycle.

Here are 5 tips to keep our eyes healthy:

  1. Use filters for screens.
  2. Use glasses that block blue light.
  3. Eat Lutein Supplemented Foods.
  4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Configure our gadgets and work tools.

Always remember the 20-20-20 rule, which is when you have 20 minutes of play, rest for 20 seconds and keep your eyes from the screen to a distance of 20 feet.

Given the dangers of blue light, Lenovo provides a feature to reduce the level of blue light in their Legion gaming line.

The one who wins makes one less mistakes than the one who losses“, or in other words, the difference between a winner and a loser is who makes fewer mistakes.

Healthy living can reduce mistakes when competing.

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Too much sitting is also not good for our health, even equivalent to the dangers of smoking.

Sitting too long can cause heart disease due to abnormal blood flow, back and waist pain, and muscle problems.

Sitting too long.

Sitting too long.

Therefore we have to move a lot, and do as much movement as we can.

It is enough to do simple movements such as walking or stretching our body and hands for several times.

The following are tips so that we can practice and play like a pro.


  • High sugar food
  • Fast food
  • Lack of sleep
  • Not exercising
  • Lack of rest between activities
Eat healthy foods when planning a pregnancy.


Eat healthy foods when planning a pregnancy.

If all of that is done, then you will get an advantage over the others, guys!


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