Here are Tips for Strengthening Your Troops and Heroes in Mobile Royale

Strengthening Troops and Heroes in Mobile Royale

There are many ways to make your Kingdom respected by opponents or friends, one of which is by strengthening troops and heroes. In Mobile Royale you can do many things to strengthen your heroes and troops. This time the Mobileague team will help summarize the ways for you to start from strengthening the Hero and then strengthening the troops.

Tips to Strengthen Hero

Hero is a crucial thing in the Mobile Royale game. And for that, having a strong hero is a must. There are several things that you must do to strengthen the hero in this game, and the method is as follows

Hero Mobile Royale
Strengthening Troops and Heroes in Mobile Royale
  • Hero level will be stuck according to your character level, so level up your character to have a higher hero level
    • It can be done by completing quests, completing campaign missions to attacking monsters on the world map
  • Use exp potions to level up your hero quickly, use the hero often for monster hunts or campaign missions to get exp.
  • Collect soulstones, use them to promote your heroes
  • Collect skin stones to get skins on certain heroes
  • Use Runes for the heroes you have promoted
    • The hero at the second promotion rank will unlock 2 Rune slots
    • The hero at the third promotion rank will unlock 5 rune slots
  • Use rune combos to get buff heroes and troops
    • runes you can combine (fusion) to get higher level runes
    • Each rune fusion process requires 4 runes of the same type and level
  • Take care of the dragon and increase its level
  • Build a Ruin to increase buffs on heroes and troops

Tips for Strengthening Troops

For troops, the most important thing you can do to strengthen them is through technological research. Then you can increase its strength again with buffs that can be obtained from various things. Here are the details

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Strengthening Troops and Heroes in Mobile Royale
  • Tech research in the warfame tab, quickly reach the second and third tier troops
  • Talent upgrade in the tab that affects troop buffs when heroes level up
  • Use Hero gear sets that provide additional buffs
  • Upgrade/evolve gear sets on heroes to the next level
  • Improve Diplomacy relationship to get the technology research
  • Attack 2 villages that provide buffs on the world map, then click the buff activation button.
  • Use buff items from the guild, or from the item mall when you want to attack or defend

Those were some tips and tricks that you can do to strengthen your characters, heroes and troops. Hope it’s useful

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