Here are Tips and Tricks to Play Free Fire So You Can Get Booyah!

Screenshot of the moment with the Bunny Costume on Free Fire


Screenshot of the moment with the Bunny Costume on Free Fire

GridGames.ID – The battle royale game by Garena, Free Fire, is again one of the best-selling games to download and play in Indonesia.

Because, only with 512MB RAM, you can already play this game on Android, you know.

In playing Free Fire, the main key is to survive and be a winner, because here you will be pitted against 50 other players on a remote island.

You are also required to collect weapons, kill enemies and be the last survivor.

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There are various modes in Free Fire, both Solo, Duo and Squad with four players in a team.

Well, in Free Fire, if you are the only person who survives and wins, then you are called Booyah! Here are the tips and tricks to get Booyah!

Choice of Landing Place

Landing place is one of the important factors so that you can have the opportunity to equip your weapons.

Find some healing kits so you can refill your blood after facing your opponent and make sure you get a bag so you can carry lots of ammunition in battle.

Don’t Take Vehicle

When you have a vehicle, of course you can save time to get to your destination.

However, driving in this game is also risky because your presence is easy to find by opponents.

If you have to, drive the existing car to a safe point then continue the journey on foot.

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Keep moving

Never stay in one place after killing your opponent, because your whereabouts are easy to detect if you stay still.

Or when you are dealing with your opponent, find shelter and make moves that make your opponent panic so that his concentration is reduced.

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