Here are the 5 Most OP Gaming Facilities in the World, So Want to Try it!

Training room at OMG Esports training center


Training room at OMG Esports training center

GridGamesID – When it comes to gaming facilities, what you have in mind is probably a sophisticated all-in-one room that contains dozens of gaming computers.

But wait, in the current era of esports, the gaming facilities built are no longer just computers.

A number of supporting facilities for physical exercise and health have also been prepared.

Well, here is an overview of the 5 best gaming facilities in the world according to: OneEsports.

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1. Fnatic Headquarters

Having an area of ​​5,000 square feet, the headquarters of Fnatic is located in London, England.

One aspect that is the advantage of this gaming facility is the availability of a DJ room.

This DJ room is deliberately provided to provide entertainment and additional energy for players who are tired of practicing.

In addition, the Fnatic headquarters is also equipped with two large kitchens as a center for providing healthy food for players.

Public facilities such as playrooms, exercise rooms, meetings and lounges are also available.

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2. Legion Lair Lit belonging to Cavs Legion GC

Maybe the name of this team is not familiar enough to you.

The Cavs Legion GC is an NBA 2K esports team that has a huge fan base and support in the United States.

Last year the Cavs Legion GC opened their own gaming facility under the name Legion Lair Lit covering an area of ​​2,700 square feet.

It contains a high-end gaming studio as well as a soundproof streaming studio.

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Interestingly, this place is also home to the Cleveland Rec Esports Club, a gaming club filled with local youth.

His activity is to develop himself in the world of esports, whether as a player, coach, or other esports career opportunities.

Recently, Legion Lair Lit was named the world’s first sensor-inclusive gaming facility.

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3. Complexity Gaming’s GameStop Performance Center

Located in Texas, this Complexity Gaming training center covers 11,000 square feet.

What is special about this facility is the availability of a Cognition laboratory to study the nature of the players.

In addition, in this building there is also a video wall that is 18 feet long or about 5.4 meters.

The training center for this veteran esports team is indeed very good.

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Naturally, because Complexity is indeed one of the esports organizations that already have very high flying hours.

Other facilities provided to support players are crowd and noise simulation rooms, climate adjustments in various regions of the world, to lighting that is adjusted to the actual tournament conditions.

With this, players are accustomed to feeling the atmosphere of being in the match stadium even though they are practicing.

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4. 100 Thieves Cash App Compound

For those of you who follow the development of CS:GO esports, the name of this one team must be familiar.

Recently 100 Thieves inaugurated their newest gaming facility which is reportedly worth US$ 35 million.

The 15,000-square-foot building contains offices, practice rooms for their LoL and Fortnite divisions.

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In addition to gaming training, this building is specially designed so that it is comfortable to use for streamers and content creators.

So, players who have free time can still display their skills in other ways.

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5. Oh My God Headquarters

Located in Shanghai, this 22,000-square-foot building has an extraordinarily futuristic design.

When we enter it, we seem to be able to see a picture of a sophisticated room from the future.

OMG practice room interior


OMG practice room interior

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Everything is designed in such a way to provide comfort for the players.

The hope was that the players would be able to linger in the training center without feeling bored and depressed.

Moreover, we know that the training methods for esports teams in China are known to be very strict and disciplined.

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