Here are the 4 Guide Classes Dragon Raja Beginners must know!

Blade Master Guide Classes Dragon Raja

The next class that we will discuss is Blade Master, with its Sword and Blade weapons which are very suitable for use at close range. The strength of Blade Masters is in their durability and attack power, so you can choose whether to focus on Warriors or increase your endurance to become a Tank.

Guide Classes Dragon Raja, So Gunslinger, Assassin, Soul Dancer or Blade Master huh?

Pro Tips: Blade Master can fight enemies alone with his melee damage and high durability. But with the help of attacks from a distance will make the fight go faster.

A team that has a good composition will not be complete without the presence of a Blade Master. The blade master will be the crowd control at the forefront of the battle. You will need a lot of status upgrades on defense status, attack power and also the amount of HP.

By the way you can change the skill set of blade master classes with certain skills, you can switch from the Meito to Odachi weapon sets, each of which gives you a different skill set.

Assassins Guide Classes Dragon Raja

In various MMORPG games, Classes Assassin is a class that has a unique way of playing and is different from other characters. in this Dragon Raja game, Assassins are asked to be damage dealers with near and far attack power, which focuses more on attack speed. As a DPS character, it’s the nature of Assassins to focus on attack power, so the durability won’t be very good.

Guide Classes Dragon Raja, So Gunslinger, Assassin, Soul Dancer or Blade Master huh?

Uniquely, Assassins in Dragon Raja can become Wizards with various magic skills, or become Assassins who deal physical damage. Of course the level of difficulty in playing it is very high.

Assassins are the only characters in Dragon Raja who have the ability to disappear (invisible) with Dark Shadow form-his. Assassins also need to increase their magic attack power which is accompanied by increasing the critical level generated.

Soul Dancer Guide Classes Dragon Raja

The Soul Dancer is a long-range magic class that can provide healing, support, and crowd control abilities when fighting with a large number of opponents. Classes Soul Dancer can make enemies shapeshift with polymorphic skills which will reduce their defense level and can be defeated more easily.

Guide Classes Dragon Raja, So Gunslinger, Assassin, Soul Dancer or Blade Master huh?

Soul Dancer has a special pact system where Soul Dancer teammates will get additional buffs. Merging pacts with characters from other classes will maximize the buff received by all teams.

The status that Soul Dancer needs to pay attention to is CDR aka Cool Down Reduction which will cut the reload/cool down time of a skill. This will provide a lot of convenience for Soul Dancer because it can spam skills more quickly.

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