Here are the 4 Gamers Who Have the Biggest Income in Indonesia

GridGames.ID – The exponential changes that have taken place in the gaming industry in recent years that have changed the understanding of gaming before our eyes, both literally and figuratively.

In fact, from these changes, one can collect a fantastic amount of money through games by becoming an eSport athlete or electronic sports athlete.

It’s not uncommon for game tournaments on a national and international scale to have a large amount of prize money today.

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The following are four eSport athletes from Indonesia who have the largest income, as reported by GridGames from the page.

1. Hansel Ferdinand ‘BnTeT’

Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand


Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand

This Counter Strike Go game player is the highest-earning eSport athlete in Indonesia.

Hansel was able to earn an income of USD 101,603 or the equivalent of 1.43 billion rupiah from 38 tournaments he has participated in since 2022.

The man who is better known as BnTeT is listed as being ranked 939th in the world for the highest-earning eSport athlete.

He once won a prize of USD 15 thousand in an international tournament he participated in.


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