Here are the 2022 Esports Awards Winners, Many Surprises!

GridGamesID – Maybe many don’t know that in the world of esports there is also the most prestigious award event for esports players.

This award event is called the Esports Awards and is held regularly every year.

Various categories were prepared, dozens of esports organizations were nominated, hundreds of athletes also had the opportunity to become the best esports athletes.

This year the peak night of the 2022 Esports Awards was held at the Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas, Sunday (11/17/2019).

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From about 24 categories prepared, here we select the winners from the most popular categories for this year.

Esports Game of the Year
1. League of Legends
2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
3. Rainbow Six Siege

Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year
1. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Esports Live Event of the Year
1. LoL World Championship 2022

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