Here are the 12 Teams Playing in the FFIM Spring 2022 Grand Final!

The most prestigious competition in esports scene Free Fire Indonesia that is Free Fire Indonesia Master aka FFIM Spring 2022 will enter the round Grand Finals on Sunday (10/4/2022). This event is sure to bring a number of teams Free Fire best in Indonesia.

On Saturday (2/4/2022) itself, Garena has held the qualifying round Play Ins which aims to determine the seven teams that are entitled to compete in the round Grand Finals. These seven teams will follow the five best teams that have previously passed through the Free Fire Master League aka FFML Division 1.

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SoWho are the 12 teams that will compete in the FFIM Spring 2022 Grand Finals later? Here’s the full list:

  1. SES Alfalink
  2. Echo Esports
  3. First Raiders Eclipse
  4. Island of Gods
  5. Rebellion Tabor
  6. Aura Ignite
  7. Madura Prime Esports
  8. Bona fide Esports
  9. Onic Olympus
  10. GPX
  11. Tangcity Esports
  12. G Throne Aphrodite

The first five teams from the list above (SES Alfalink, Echo Esports, First Raider Eclipse, Island of God, and Rebellion Tagor) are the teams that qualify automatically without going through the final phase. play ins or qualification because it is a team playing in the latest Division 1 FFML Season.

The FFIM Spring 2022 Grand Final itself will certainly be quite fierce because this event will compete for cash and of course a prestigious trophy as the main prize.

Cool again, team Free Fire who managed to come out as champion in this event will represent Indonesia in the Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa which will be a tournament Free Fire highest in the world in 2022.

For the Free Fire World Series 2022 itself, Indonesia will certainly get two tickets to the tournament. The first quota has been confirmed to belong to EVOS Divine, who is the champion of FFML 2022, while the last portion will be given to the winner of the FFIM Spring 2022 tournament this time.

Those are the 12 teams that will compete in the Free Fire Indonesia Master tournament aka FFIM Spring 2022 this time. Which team will come out as champion and will represent Indonesia in the Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa? Let’s just wait, shall we!

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