Here are the 10 Most Watched Twitch Channels in May 2022

GridGames.ID – Who doesn’t know Twitch. One of these streaming sites is popular among gamers and is often used for streaming games.

From Twitch also many popular streamer names such as Ninja and Tfue are known.

Being the number one game streaming site in the world, the number of viewers on Twitch is increasing every month.

Then, which channel has the most viewers?

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Summarizing the month of May 2022, a Russian channel that focuses on the game DOTA 2, Dota2RuHub has successfully become the most popular channel.

Based on data collected by the Esports Observer, Dota2RuHub managed to reach 10.8 million viewers in May.

In the second and third positions are occupied by two popular streamers, namely Ninja and Tfue.

Both have the same number of viewers, namely 9.9 million.

For more details, you can see the following graph.

Top 10 Twitch channels with the most viewers in May 2022

Esports Observer

Top 10 Twitch channels with the most viewers in May 2022

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This result is considered quite surprising if you look at the results from May last year.

Last May, Ninja still dominated with 30.4 million viewers.

Even at that time the Dota2RuHub channel was not listed in the top 10.

Well how? Is your favorite channel on the list above?


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