Here are the 10 Most Popular Games on Twitter for Q1 2022, Genshin Impact No. 1!

For the community gaming, Twitter is one of the most popular social media for fans to talk about games with their community. Today (6/4), Twitter shared Top 10 games the most talked about most popular on its social media platforms in Q1 2022, with Genshin Impact occupy the top position.

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Top 10 Twitter Genshin impact 1

Twitter itself is known to have become a place to share opinions and experiences of fans of various variations games. With that in mind, division gaming Twitter routinely compiles various games most talked about on its giant social media platforms.

The opening months of this year also saw many trends in the world games and the internet, where Twitter is often the center of many trend the. The start of 2022 explodes with popularity games daily words Wordlefollowed Genshin Impact with its new characters, and stuff from other titles.

Seeing this development, Rishi Chadha as head of TwitterGaming has shared Q1 2022 Top 10 games the most in-tweets on the platform:

Top 10 Twitter for the first 3 months of the year, saw a lot of games expected to occupy the top position. Genshin Impact still maintains its popularity at the top of the list Top 10 Twitter, after being named games most talked about in 2022.

While behind him there games Wordle which surged recently in second place. Apex Legends who has started season His 12 games are in fourth place. franchise other popular like Final fantasy and Minecraft also sees himself in the top 10.

Interestingly, Elden Ringdespite the great success as games most searched at the beginning of this year only finish in seventh position. Ranking this is also occupied by mobile games from Japan, with some of the most popular titles on the list Top 10 of these. Games rhythm Japanese-only popular, Ensemble Stars looks to be in third place right behind Wordle and Genshin Impact.

Temporary vocaloid-based games Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! is in sixth position after its English release slid last December. Mobile-RPG Fate/Grand Order which doesn’t exist to death also placed on this list and sits in eighth position.

Entering Q2 2022, there are already many new titles that fans can look forward to, such as Chrono Cross Remaster, God of War Ragnarok, Evil Dead, and many others. With that in mind, fans on Twitter will have even more to talk about throughout 2022.

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