Here are some mobile legends heroes that Michelle Giudito doesn’t like!

Here are some mobile legends heroes that Michelle Giudito doesn’t like! One of Indonesia’s most famous actresses, Michelle Giudito, is already known as a game-loving actress. In particular, the games he plays, such as PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends, are the most popular mobile games in Indonesia with thousands of players.

There is plenty of evidence of Michelle Giudis’ greatness when playing games, and you can see it for yourself on YouTube and the Internet. And in this regard, Michelle Ziudis recently posted on his YouTube channel “Tuturu Jagain Angel uses only one item? | ZiuMain # 3”.

By name alone, we know Michelle Ziudith is playing games with one of Indonesia’s most famous professional game players, Tuturu. And there’s no doubt that they’re playing the Mobile Legends game in the video on the Michelle Ziudith channel.

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Together with Tuturu, Michelle Ziudith challenged the most iconic players on the RRQ team. Tuturu agreed with the challenge and played with them.

But at some point in the draft nomination phase, Michelle Ziudith said one amazing thing. It’s the Mobile Legends hero she hates most. Why is this so amazing? That’s because Michelle Ziudith mentioned a hero he hates. This means she has been playing this Mobile Legends game for a long time.

“I have to ban Natalia. When using Valil, Natalia is really bad,” said Michelle Giudito.

“I hate Natalia, Hanzo, Serena, this Serena. Actually, I don’t like Hayabusa anymore, but not everyone plays Hayabusa well,” said the beautiful movie player. It was.

In the video, Tuturu also followed Michelle Ziudith’s challenge, but failed to win the match. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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