Here are 8 New Neutral Items in Patch 7.30 Dota 2, So New META!

Neutral New Items in Patch 7.30 Dota 2

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Neutral New Items in Patch 7.30 Dota 2

GridGames.ID – Ahead of The International 10, Valve again overhauled Dota 2’s item stats, heroes, and neutral items.

Last August 18, Valve released Patch 7.30 which provides major gameplay changes in the Dota 2 game.

Patch 7.30 also brings new neutral items from tier 1 to tier 5.

Noted, there are 8 new neutral items in patch 7.30.

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The arrival of new neutral items must be followed by the removal of a number of old neutral items in Patch 7.29.

There are 7 neutral items patch 7.29 that must be removed and their positions replaced with new neutral items patch 7.30.

For those of you active Dota 2 players, this neutral item change is very important to understand because it greatly affects the META of the game.

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Curious about the new 8 neutral items in the 7.30 Dota 2 patch?

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