Here are 7 Tips to Become a Pro Player of PUBG Mobile for the Jeixy EVOS eSport version!

GridGames.ID – The Battle Royale genre became a new trend in the world of mobile gaming and E-Sports in the mid-2010s, where PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)-Mobile and Fortnite were at the forefront.

Specifically, PUBG Mobile managed to gain popularity in 2022, with the number of active players reaching more than 200 million in December 2022.

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In Indonesia, the popularity of PUBG-Mobile can be seen from the enthusiasm for holding the 2022 PUBG-Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC) Grand Final in October 2022.

By offering a total prize of up to 700 million Rupiah and the opportunity to represent Indonesia at the PUBG-Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) 2022 in Dubai, PINC 2022 has succeeded in becoming a magnet for well-known E-Sports teams in Indonesia.

Best PSMC Event Venue!

Rian Sidik

Best PSMC Event Venue!

One of the teams that participated in reaching the Grand Final round was EVOS Esports.

Despite failing to win the title, EVOS was able to rank second in the championship with 3315 points, ahead of 14 other E-Sports teams.

What’s the secret to being able to achieve skills or abilities that allow PUBG-Mobile players to at least get a ‘Chicken Dinner’ or even just rank up?


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