Here Are 7 Interesting Announcements at Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Media Day

The Ayana Mid Plaza Hotel is a historic moment for the e-sports industry in Indonesia, which is currently developing. As one of the largest eSports professional organizations in Indonesia today, RRQ made several interesting announcements at RRQ Media Day.

1. Take off the crown, RRQ wants to be the king in the hearts of his lovers

Shown with a crown in the logo symbolizes a King according to the meaning of Rex Requm himself King DiRaja King of the Kings . For 5 years with the crown, RRQ wants to take off the crown to be more grounded with all of RRQ’s loyal supporters. RRQ believes that even without the crown, we are still kings in their hearts.

2. Tax-compliant Professional eSports Athletes

As a professional eSports organization, RRQ wants to socialize as well as build awareness of all its members (players and management) to participate in supporting development in Indonesia, one of which is by paying taxes. Carrying out the obligation to pay taxes is a concrete step and RRQ’s support for the government in developing this country. This step is a milestone in the awareness to participate in building the country for the eSports industry, especially professional athletes in the country.

3. Cooperation with the Save The Children Foundation

RRQ also announced its partnership with the Sayangi Tunas Cilik Foundation (Save the Children), a humanitarian organization that fights for the rights and development of children’s potential in Indonesia. Several programs are being prepared by RRQ together with the Sayangi Tunas Cilik Foundation to keep the dreams of children in Indonesia alive.

4. Expand to Three SEA eSports Giant Countries

After successfully forming a multinational CS:GO team consisting of the best players in South East Asia, RRQ is proud to announce its expansion plans to three South East Asia (SEA) countries, namely Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Besides Indonesia, the three countries are known to have very high eSports enthusiasts supported by professional eSports industry management. It is proven that many professional players and teams have been born with a myriad of achievements from the three countries.

5. Cindy Monika and Bella Victoria Two Talented Ambassadors

The presence of two beautiful multi-talented gamers, Cindy Monika and Bella Victoria, was also introduced by RRQ as their Brand Ambassador. Her love for eSports made Cindy Monika (Cimon) very enthusiastic about being chosen as RRQ’s Brand Ambassador. Despite being a gamer, this beautiful girl born in Soroako, South Sulawesi is still serious about achieving her dream as a doctor and is currently studying at the medical faculty of one of the prestigious universities in Indonesia. Starting from her hobby of playing fps games, Bella is now seriously pursuing her career in the world of eSports as RRQ’s Brand Ambassador. In addition to playing games, Bella turns out to be a reliable pianist.

6. RRQ Anthem: Uniting the King and His Lovers

The song “Together We Are One” which was composed by Anggara Bintang (DJ) & Metha Volmax is an encouragement for the RRQ team that will compete. Not only as an encouragement, RRQ Anthem will unite team members and RRQ lovers when singing this song together just before the match.
Actually, this song has a deep meaning, namely the road to success is not always easy, but togetherness and high belief in each other is a step towards a better process, namely victory. There is an interesting story behind this song, where the RRQ team for the first time participated in the fun by singing and being involved in the recording process. The energetic atmosphere is packed with musical arrangements, as can be heard in the middle of the song “Viva RRQ.. Viva RRQ.. Viva RRQ.. which is sure to inspire not only team members, but RRQ lovers.

7. Roadshow Meet & Greet

Due to the many requests from fans or supporters, in the near future RRQ will also hold a Meet & Greet Roadshow to be able to meet face to face with its supporters throughout Indonesia. It is planned that Jabodetabek will open the RRQ Meet & Greet series.

Rex Regum Qeon currently has 7 divisions, DOTA 2, Mobile Legends, CS:GO, AOV, PUBG, Point Blank and FIFA 18. Various achievements both locally and internationally have been embraced and made RRQ the most successful organization in the country today. The presence of several updates and plans above will make RRQ even better in terms of professionalism, achievement and most importantly closeness to its fans.

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