Here Are 4 New Things in eFootball Soccer Game You Should Know!

eFootball game ambassador Neymar JR


eFootball game ambassador Neymar JR

GridGames.ID – Shocking news comes from the soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

The game has been officially removed and in its place a new game called eFootball was born.

Yep, Konami has officially announced the change of PES name to eFootball.

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This information was conveyed through an upload on the official Twitter account @play_eFootball on Wednesday (21/7) night.

There are various changes that Konami brings to eFootball.

Free to Play

One of the most interesting is that the game can be played for free.

Yep, different from PES which must be purchased first, eFootball carries the Free to Play concept.

This means that users around the world can play eFootball games for free without exception.


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