Here Are 4 Choices Of College Majors That Are Suitable For Gamers

GridGames.ID – In this day and age, games are not just entertainment.

In fact, many new jobs are created thanks to the rapid development of the game industry.

This makes gamers have the desire to be involved in the game world.

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The gaming industry itself is considered to have promising career prospects. Not to mention, this industry is almost in every country, you know.

For those of you who have a penchant for playing games and are interested in developing games, then maybe you choose a major related to games.

That way, the time you enjoy playing games doesn’t seem to be in vain if you can show success in this department and get accepted at your favorite game company.

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Summarizing from, here are the majors that can help you become a real game designer.

1. Game technology

The game technology study program studies how a game is made so that it can finally be played and enjoyed by many people.

You will be guided to create a game from scratch. Starting from designing stories, designing characters, making animations and storyboards, creating user interfaces, programming, the game production process to distribution.

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The courses you will study include Program Design Methods, Information System Analysis and Design, Data Communication Networks, Object-Based Programming, Edu Games, Digital Imaging, Interactive Multimedia, and many others.

The campus in Indonesia that has a bachelor’s degree in Game Application & Technology is BINUS University. For the D3 D3 Animation Game program, it is at the State University of Malang.

2. Informatics Engineering

However, there are a number of universities that include courses on gaming in the Informatics Engineering major.

In this course you will study and apply the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of software, operating systems and computer work.

If you want to explore gaming, there are a number of campuses that offer game technology majors for the master’s level.

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3. Software Engineering

Games are software technology. The Software Engineering major will lead you to explore all kinds of software than other majors.

In this major, you will learn about the principles and techniques of designing software that is effective, easy to use, and has strengths.

You will also learn how to design and analyze algorithms and programming using efficient data structures and develop web or mobile based operating systems and applications.

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4. DKV or animation

A game designer is required to create visuals and graphics that match the intended segment.

If you are interested in exploring the ability to design a game, majoring in Animation can be a major choice.

In the Animation major, you will learn the technique of displaying sequential images in such a way that the viewer feels the illusion of movement in the image. This includes creating 2D and 3D characters, creating special effects, creating story boards, and writing scenarios.

Then, the next step you are also taught to process sound effects, fill in the voices of the characters, so that the game can be enjoyed properly.

There are a number of DKV majors that study games. However, to determine what major you are really interested in related to gaming, immediately look for the latest information at a number of universities.

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Among the 4 majors above, which one are you most interested in?


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