Here are 19 tips and Genshin Impact Guide for Beginners

14 Genshin Impact Tips and Guides for Beginners part 2

In this second part we will cover tips on and guide genshin impact on Explore,

  1. Explore is done later to find Treasure Chests, look for hidden quests, look for anemoculus/geoculus, and others.
  2. Main Quest Focus, and also Side Quest at the beginning
    Based on Utsugi Lenka’s experience, exploring is not prioritized at the beginning and must prioritize the main quest, this is due to certain areas that cannot be explored because there is a barrier that divides the area.
  3. Complete the Main quest until you fight the dragon (dvalin), then you can open all maps by turning on the Statue of The Seven, and sometimes you have to complete the Main Quest first before you can fight certain world bosses
  4. If the Treasure chest, the anemoculus/geoculus is within reach or in the direction of the main quest and or side quest, just take it
  5. Must open teleport waypoint, and Statue of The Seven
  6. Must check high places like
    1. Building,
    2. Mountain,
    3. giant statue,
    4. And hills to get hidden chests and achievements
  7. Another mandatory thing that you have to do is, go to an area where there is a flash of light, usually has good items that you can get (example not far from the giant statue in the starting town near the stairs down)
  8. Vision is always used to find hidden items/Hidden Quest,
  9. Vision can also be used to find traces of spirit,
  10. Vision can also see stones that can be destroyed (sometimes they contain chests, quest items, or trapped spirits)
  11. Climb with Lisa, please turn down the speaker (for dub jp)

The Genshin Impact story at a glance

Do you know Mobidachi, If Genshin Impact is an Open World RPG game developed by miHoYo, the developer company of the famous action RPG game Honkai Impact 3. The story of Genshin Impact begins in Teyvatt, a world where natural elements can be controlled and are also in harmony with each other. Currently there are 7 natural elements in the world of Teyvat, namely

  1. anemone,
  2. hydro,
  3. pyro,
  4. geo,
  5. electro,
  6. dendro,
  7. Cryo

It’s like a fantasy world where the seven elements flow, blend, dance and collide. Here, the person chosen by the gods, will receive the gift of Vision, and have control over nature and the elements.

Genshin Impact Guide for Beginners
Genshin Impact release september

2 main cities

You can start your adventure from 2 main cities, namely, Mondstadt and Liyue.Read also Daisuke Kanbe Returns in 2022

City of Mondstadt

Mondstadt, better known as the City of Freedom, is located in the northeastern part of Teyvat, standing majestically on an island in the middle of a lake. The wind blew through the mountains and wide fields, carrying the sweet scent of dandelion seeds — a blessing from the Anemo god, Barbatos — that flew from Cider Lake all the way to Mondstadt, looking for a place to plant their roots.

Liyue Port

The port is located in the East Teyvat section. The mountains stand proudly around a stretch of stone forest, accompanying a wide field and a river full of life, making the beauty of the beautiful and natural scenery in Liyue, depicted in different colors as the seasons change. Approximately how many blessings were bestowed by God Geo among the rocks of the Liyue Mountains?

Genshins Impact Adventure Story Release September

In the past, seeing humanity’s strong faith, the Archons, decided to give control of the elements to humans. With this power, humans form a very beautiful civilization around the world.

But 500 years ago, the collapse of an ancient civilization turned everything upside down…

The catastrophe that hit the world is now gone, but peace is still not restored.

Mobidachi will be an explorer who stops by from another world and wakes up in this land. You will freely explore the vast world of Tevyat, make friends, and search for “The Seven” —— Archons of the seven elements. Each of your adventures will be filled with wonders, and those that have been separated, will one day meet again.

Become a Traveler at Genshins Impact

In this world, you will play as a Traveler, who roams the world to find a missing brother. Along the way, you will meet friends with different traits, backgrounds, and powers, you will unite forces to defeat powerful enemies, and slowly uncover the truth of the gods.Read also Spring Anime 2022 Delay is getting worse

Genshin Impact Guide for Beginners
Genshin Impact release september

But in order to make your wish come true, there will be many challenges and difficulties that you have to go through. Are you ready to start this story, O Traveler?

Stay Connected with Genshin Impact

For Mobidachi who want to get information as fast as lightning such as Genshins Impact Release in September or other updates, you can directly follow the social media channels of Genshin Impact on the official page. Here are the official sites, Facebook fanpages, Instagram, Twitter and also Discord that you can follow.

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Genshin Impact Guide for Beginners

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