Here are 13 Complete Zodiac Series Skins Released in Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – In November 2022, Mobile Legends released a Zodiac-themed skin where the hero Irithel became the first hero to get a skin called Sagittarius.

Zodiac skins are usually released on the 21st – 23rd of each month, because as we know, the average zodiac change falls around that date.

Players can get Zodiac skins by going to the Zodiac Summon page where they have to equip a star power of up to 100 in order to get the skin.

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Now the complete Zodiac-themed skin has been released in Mobile Legends as many as 13 skins from Sagittarius to Scorpio.

Here’s a row of 13 Zodiac skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

1. Sagittarius (Irithel)

Irithel - Sagittarius

Irithel – Sagittarius

Irithel’s Sagittarius skin is the first Zodiac skin that was released in November 2022. You can get Sagittarius again in the game since mid-November 2022.


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