Hello! This 12-Year-Old Boy Bought a PlayStation 4 from Comic Rentals

GridGames.ID – In today’s era, it is undeniable that games are growing from mobile to console.

There is definitely a dream of every gamer to own their dream console.

It’s just that, not everyone can buy Sony’s console easily, for example, like a 12-year-old boy from Malaysia, Irfan.

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To get a PlayStation 4, Irfan took the initiative to rent his comics to his friends for 1 Ringgit.

After a year of renting comics and saving them, Irfan finally managed to save 600 Ringgit.

Even though the money he saved was not enough to buy a PS4, Irfan’s parents, who were proud to see that their son had been able to collect that much money, added to buy a PS4.

“P/S: My parents added a little. He (Irfan) has collected around RM600 and the rest my parents paid for. But still, I’m proud of him,” said his brother on his Twitter account.

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His brother Irfan’s tweet that his brother managed to raise money to buy the PS4 apparently impressed netizens with Irfan’s discipline and patience in collecting money.

“He deserves it. When he grows up, he’ll know how to save money.”

“Damn, this little kid can do it, but it’s hard for me to save myself.”

“I need this patience in saving.”

Wow, even though Irfan is only 12 years old, he can already save up to buy a PS4, right? Have you ever bought anything from your savings?


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