Have You Played These 5 Pokemon Mobile Games?

With plans for Pokemon Unite to appear, I just realized that Pokemon Mobile Games itself has quite a lot of variations, making Pokemon a franchise that is not only big on consoles, but also in other markets. Although there are many non-official games released on mobile, it turns out that there are also games that are officially released by the Pokemon Company for this market segment. What are the 5 best games? Let’s see one by one.

Big Phenomenon in Summer 2022

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Talking about Pokemon Mobile Games, of course, you have to start with the most popular game in this franchise. When it was released in the summer of 2022, Pokemon GO’s popularity caused a craze that even non-gamers tried it, and entered the news world because of its popularity. By simulating the real world where Pokemon live, players travel from place to place to catch Pokemon, compete against other players, complete quests, cooperate with other players, to exchange Pokemon. Among all the Pokemon games that have ever existed, it might not be an exaggeration to call this game the best simulation of being a Pokemon trainer.

Create a Dream Team at the Biggest Trainer Gathering

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Pokemon Masters is arguably very suitable for those of you who like the original Pokemon games or the anime series. In this Pokemon Mobile Games RPG genre, players will be able to team up with trainers that you have met in the original game. In 3 on 3 battles known as the Pokemon Masters League, players will build teams and pair up Pokemon with the trainer to get the Sync Pairs. This system itself is part of the in-depth gameplay that can add to the fun of playing. Don’t forget, Pokemon Masters can be played alone or in co-op with your friends, so with this you will be able to get the title of Champion as quickly as possible.

If Pokemon Mobile Games Look Like Lego

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In another RPG game for Pokemon Mobile Games, this time you will have an adventure on an island called Tumblecube. As an Action-Adventure RPG, on the island you will partner with Pokemon whose shape has been turned into a box, just like Lego Pokemon toys sold in toy shops. Your main goal in this game is to complete all the existing levels by defeating the heroes Pokemon wild scattered throughout the island. Starting as a game for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Quest is now available for mobile.

Like Puzzles? Surely Will Love This Game

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Originally a game for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a puzzle game where players are required to match 3 of the same Pokemon to attack the opposing Pokemon. It doesn’t just stop there, if the player can do a finishing combo, the greater the damage that will be given to him Pokemon who wants to be caught. With various features such as the use of items and Mega Evolution, this game is perfect for those of you who like puzzle battle games.

The Latest Pokemon Mobile Games for Mobile and Switch

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For the latter is the most recently released Pokemon mobile game, Pokemon Café Mix. First announced on Pokemon Announcement 2022 part one, a game that is also still in the puzzle genre, invites players to take on the role of a cafe owner where the customers are Pokemon. By completing the puzzle in a certain way to make the food and drink ordered, each success will produce a reward which means an increase in the level of your cafe. It’s not enough there, the higher the level, then you will be able to recruit other Pokemon to work in your café. Plus, there will be the ability to also expand your café. The bigger, of course, the more Pokemon that will appear.

And that’s him Mobidachi, 5 Pokemon Mobile Games officially released by Pokemon Company. From adventure to puzzles, all have a unique and interesting genre. What games have you played and what is your favourite? Come on, write in the comments column below.

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