Harvest Moon vs. History of the Seasons, Why Are They Similar and What’s the Difference?

The name is certainly familiar to Gimbot readers Harvest moon. The agriculture-themed RPG series was very popular in Indonesia during the PS1 era, and until now the series is still getting new sequels. There are indeed Games others out there who have a similar topic, but still Harvest moon have a special place in my heart.

During continuation Harvest moon keeps popping up, some of you may be confused after watching a series Games another similar to Harvest moon. Yes, the show Gimbot was talking about was History of the seasons. The series started sounding its name in the 3DS era and recently received a pretty interesting entry as it adopted the Doraemon theme.

Add more, console Switch also just got it Games title Story of Seasons: Friends of the Mineral City. Huh, mineral city? Isn’t that the name of downtown Harvest Moon: back to nature? So true, Story of Seasons: Friends of the Mineral City is make new from Harvest Moon: back to nature old PS1 era!

So what exactly is the relationship between? Harvest moon with History of the seasons? Why are the two similar but different and which series should you watch? Well, follow Gimbot’s explanation below, come on!

Forerunner of the series Harvest moon

History of the seasons
Don’t have a switch yet? Games that could be a reason to save | Source: GameRant

First of all, you should know a little bit about the history of its origins Harvest moon. series Harvest moon first appeared in Japan for console Super Nintendo in 1996 with the original title Bokujou Monogatari. Games It was developed by a company called Victor Interactive Software with Yasuhiro Wada serving as the producer / designer.

target Bokujou Monogatari developed, according to Wada, because he wanted to create something other than Games most. Instead of focusing on combat or competition, it created an atmosphere like its childhood in the country.

Harvest moon first on SNES | Source: Nintendo

Bokujou Monogatari turned out to be selling well, allowing Victor Interactive Software to continue publishing sequels on a variety of platforms. Start Game Boy, Game Boy Color, N64, PS1, PS2, GameCube etc. For the release in the USA they cooperate with another company, namely Natsume. Natsume translated the whole series Bokujou Monogatari into English, also changed the title to Harvest moon.

Farewell to Natsume

Over time, Victor Interactive Software has seen a number of important changes within the company. There are three important moments that will change destiny Harvest moon drastic. The first was Marvelous Entertainment’s purchase of this company in 2022. The second was Yasuhiro Wada’s departure in 2022. And finally, when Marvelous Entertainment ended its partnership with Natsume in 2022.

Why did Marvelous Entertainment discontinue working with Natsume? The reason is simple because they want to publish Harvest Moon themselves. Marvelous Entertainment is the parent company of XSEED Games, the publisher Games in America who has experience translating many famous titles. It is therefore natural that they feel that they are no longer dependent on external companies.

The beginning of a new era | Source: GameStop

Natsume’s party is clearly disappointed with this decision, especially since they have made a name for themselves for a dozen years Harvest moon under player West. There is a dilemma here. Marvelous Entertainment owns the copyright to the series Bokujou Monogatari as the original developer. The rights to the “Harvest Moon” brand are actually still with Natsume.

So if Marvelous wants to publish Bokujou Monogatari without involving Natsume, they had to use a different brand. to be born History of the seasons.

Natsume is not silent

Natsume’s departure from Marvelous was unfortunate, but Natsume’s side also saw this moment as an opportunity. In a 2022 interview with Siliconera, Natsume’s President Hiro Maekawa said they didn’t want to reveal the name Harvest moon Just die.

The folks at Natsume really love the show Harvest moon, and according to them, because of this series then appeared Games other agricultural issues like Farmville. So they decided to open a new studio in Tokyo to develop the series Harvest moon alone. a Harvest moon Original that is expected to compete and even surpass Bokujou Monogatari. Games her first is Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for the 3DS, released in 2022.

Unfortunately, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley not received as expected. score Match report it’s only 46 on Metacritic and Fans Harvest moon so confused because her favorite show suddenly changed drastically.

Current situation and condition

Now, Gimbot readers don’t need to be confused. The point is if you want to play the sequel to the series Harvest moon The original (Bokujou Monogatari) after 2022 History of the seasons. Games the newest, that is Doraemon: History of the Seasons, you can keep playing console Switch or pc.

Story of Seasons: Friends of the Mineral City has also been published, but unfortunately still in Japanese. You can try to watch the video Style of playit’s down, but watch out! Gimbot is not responsible if you suffer from acute nostalgic effects afterwards.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with still buying the series Harvest moon by Natsume. To Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, Natsume has released several sequels, including Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Both have review better and available for multiple platforms from console, PC, up to Cell phone, mobile phone. series Harvest moon it’s still worth following, especially if you want to play along Smartphone.

On the other hand, Yasuhiro Wada, the original creator Harvest moon has now founded his own company called Toybox. The company’s latest work is Adventure games with elements of café management, titled Little Dragons Cafe. Fortunately, Toybox didn’t (or didn’t?) Create it Games When it comes to agriculture, we’ll be even more confused later, as there are three different series that are similar.

This is how Gimbot explains the relationship between the series Harvest moon and History of the seasons. Hopefully this explanation will help you decide Games what is right to buy. See you in the next article and don’t forget to keep watering the plants in your fields!

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