Harry Potter Mobile Game Coming Soon

Good news for you Harry Potter fans, finally the latest Harry Potter mobile game has been announced. The game is called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. This game will be an RPG Card Game genre, and is set a few years after the second wizard war.

Harry Potter Mobile Game Developer

Harry Potter Mobile Game Coming Soon

This game will be created and developed by Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment, and Netease. For you to know, Netease is one of the big Chinese companies in the internet technology sector. Netease is Tencent’s arch rival who has released famous games such as Onmyoji, Identity V and Rules of Survival.


Harry Potter Mobile Game Coming Soon

The gameplay of this game is still not released but there are some leaks. You can learn new spells, and have great companions. Use this magical knowledge to devise unique strategies and spell combinations.

Harry Potter Mobile Pre-Registration

Currently, pre-registration is only for Chinese citizens. For the global Pre Registration date, there is still no date given by Netease or Warner Bros. If you are still curious, you can click the website HERE. But to register you have to prove that you are a native of China.

Harry Potter nostalgia

Harry Potter Mobile Game Coming Soon

According to NetEase Zen Studio, this game will feature all the Harry Potter spells, characters and magical beasts. Everything that Harry Potter fans know and love will be packaged in unique and interesting visual art. They can’t wait to present a new magical world to fans and gamers.

Portkey Games

Harry Potter Mobile Game Coming Soon

Under the name Portkey Games, the gaming brand of Warner Bros., is dedicated to creating new magical worlds inspired by JK Rowling’s original stories. With players as protagonists and embark on their own adventure.

Portkey Games provide the opportunity for players to choose their own storyline, interact with the wizarding world, and get their own fun. Portkey Games wants gamers and fans to explore the magic in the wizarding world and create stories dedicated to their respective magical worlds from this immersive game experience.

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