Happy Fasting! LIFEAFTER Distribution of THR 25,000 UniPin Credits and Item Codes!

Hi, UniPin Friends!

LIFEAFTER and UniPin wish you a happy fasting! So that you are more enthusiastic about fasting, we want to distribute THR of 25,000 UniPin Credits and direct item codes for those of you who are obedient to fasting and top up Credits at UniPin!

Check out how below!

  1. Promo period: 2-17 May 2022 (00.00-23.59).
  2. Login to your UniPin account and Top up Credits with a minimum top up of IDR 150,000 to get a bonus of 25,000 UniPin Credits. Don’t have a UniPin account yet? Let’s register at www.unipin.com/register
  3. Promo applies to all payment channels on UniPin.
  4. 1 (one) UniPin account is entitled to 1 item code and the item code quota is 100 during the event period.
  5. At the end of the period, users who have followed the applicable T&C will get a bonus of THR 25,000 UniPin Credits.
  6. UniPin Credits and item codes will be sent no later than H+3 after the event period ends.
  7. UniPin and LIFEAFTER have the right to stop/cancel the promo temporarily if cheating is indicated.
  8. All decisions of UniPin and LIFEAFTER in determining the winner are final and cannot be contested.

Live the fast with a calm and happy heart! Top up Credits LIFEAFTER and get bonus UniPin Credits and useful item codes to help you survive!

Happy gaming, UniPin friends!

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