Hanzawa Naoki 2022 Returns With Double Revenge

After being delayed by one season due to the global epidemic condition, Hanzawa Naoki 2022 has finally started broadcasting for Summer Dorama 2022. It’s been 7 years since the broadcast of the first season in 2013, can season 2 also capture the splendor and excitement of the prequel? Let’s see

Who is Hanzawa Naoki?

For those who are not familiar with this character, Hanzawa Naoki is the main character and is a series of novels written by Ikeido Jun. At first this novel series was called the “Orebabu (Oretachi wa Baburu Seidai) Series”, but due to the popularity of the drama series in 2013, this series was also called the Hanzawa Naoki series. Hanzawa Naoki’s name itself doesn’t appear in every novel title, so for those who don’t know about this character, they may not realize that the book they are reading is a series of novels.

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Regarding the character itself, Hanzawa Naoki is a banker for a fictional bank, Tokyo Chuo Bank, which with its status as one of the largest banks in Japan, seems to be based on MUFG Bank in the real world, which has the same background. Tokyo Chuo Bank itself is a combination of two major banks, Sangyo Chuo Bank and Tokyo Daiichi Bank. Hanzawa himself was originally from Sangyo Chuo, and actually had a personal grudge against Sangyo Chuo that had led to his father’s death. This revenge mission with economic conflict is the background of the excitement of this series.

Hanzawa Naoki Season 1

In 2013, the first two books of the Hanzawa Naoki series were adapted into a drama season. With Sakai Masato as Hanzawa Naoki, the popularity of this drama reached its highest rating in 3 decades in the Japanese television world, and also received various awards for the drama as well as the actors and staff involved.

Starting from the Osaka Arc which is an adaptation of “Oretachi Baburu Nyukou Gumi” (We Are The Entries of the Bubble Period), Hanzawa Naoki is required to take responsibility for the wrong investment of Tokyo Chuo Bank Osaka branch, which resulted in a possible loss of 500 million Yen. With tenacity, Hanzawa tracked down the borrower, while a race against time and the tax authorities who were also after the same money. One by one the mysteries were opened and in the end the audience was presented with the corruption conspiracy behind this case.

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Followed by the Tokyo Arc, Hanzawa Naoki this time was given the task directly by the Chairman of Tokyo Chuo Bank to financially rebuild one of Sangyo Chuo’s old clients, Isejima Hotel. After being transferred to Tokyo for his services in solving cases in Osaka, this tough task of restoration is met with opposition from former Sangyo Chuo officials, one of whom is Owada Akira who is the man who caused Hanzawa Naoki’s father to commit suicide. With a loss of 150 billion yen at stake for Tokyo Chuo Bank, Hanzawa Naoki also has to deal with the bank’s auditing service, and expose the corruption carried out behind the scenes by former high-ranking Sangyo Chuo officials.

Hanzawa Naoki Commemoration Year: Episode Zero

Seven years have passed since the first season is long enough, so as a warm-up for the audience who will watch Hanzawa Naoki 2022, a special episode was made which becomes a prequel. In this story, Tokyo Central Shoken (Tokyo Central Securities) which is where Hanzawa Naoki worked after the end of the Tokyo Arc, is transitioning to an online stock trading system and for that they hired Spiral, an IT company focused on the Search Engine business.

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The story in this prequel episode itself focuses on Kosaka Kei, who is an IT genius at Spiral, and Hamamura Hitomi who is one of the youngest employees at Tokyo Central Securities. Focusing on hacking and theft efforts against Tokyo Central Securities, Hanzawa Naoki himself appears with a fairly small portion, so the tension and excitement of the main series is not delivered. However, the character Kosaka himself will play an important role in the third episode of season 2, while Hamamura will be one of Hanzawa Naoki’s supports in the first part of Hanzawa Naoki 2022.

Hanzawa Naoki 2022 Part 1 – The War between Parent and Child

For Hanzawa Naoki 2022, “Los Gene Gyakushu” (Lost Generation Strikes Back) and “Gin Yoku no Ikaros” (Icarus of the Silver Wings) are the two stories adapted. In the first part, Hanzawa Naoki who was transferred to Tokyo Central Securities, a subsidiary of Tokyo Chuo Bank, now has to deal with his parent company regarding the acquisition of Spiral. From foe to friend, Spiral who was about to be acquired was finally helped by Tokyo Central Securities after this acquisition deal was blatantly stolen by the Securities section of Tokyo Chuo Bank.

With the start of the war between parent and subsidiary, Hanzawa Naoki puts his strategy into action to protect Spiral from a scheming acquisition backed by Tokyo Chuo’s massive financial power. With tensions and unexpected alliances, once again Hanzawa’s tenacity saves himself, Spiral, Tokyo Central Securities, and Tokyo Chuo Bank from a dangerous conspiracy that threatens.

Hanzawa Naoki 2022 Part 2 – A Rescue Based on a Real Case

After saving Tokyo Chuo Bank in “Los Gene Gyakushu”, Hanzawa was finally transferred back to Tokyo Chuo Bank and immediately given a big task, to restore Teikoku Airways so that Tokyo Chuo Bank could retrieve the money lent to Teikoku Airways. The problem is that apart from Teikoku Airways which has conservative management due to their former status as SOEs, through the latest move from the Minister of Transportation Shirai Akiko, the possibility of Tokyo Chuo Bank’s money to return is also small, so Hanzawa inevitably has to deal with the Japanese government itself in order to save money. Tokyo Chuo Bank.

Gin Yoku no Ikaros itself is quite unique in its story because it is Ikeido Jun’s interpretation of the JAL bankruptcy case in 2010. For those who are familiar with this financial case, it will not be difficult to see the correlation between fiction and reality, especially from the name of the aircraft company in this story, Teikoku Airways which means Imperial Airways, which is the nickname for JAL. Both the background of the case and some of the characters involved, some of which have similarities to the JAL bankruptcy case, make this arc as part of an economic lesson not to screw-up business execution.


Overall, Hanzawa Naoki is a very interesting story to follow. The tension presented will make the audience’s adrenaline flow just like the characters involved in the story. Hanzawa Naoki’s character himself looks more developed in season 2, where in season 1 some parts of the story indicate he has the potential to become a villain, but in Hanzawa Naoki 2022, the grudge that motivated him seems to have disappeared, although the cruelty towards cunning opponents is still there along with his favorite motto, “Yararetara, yarikaesu, baigaishi da!” (If I got screwed, I’ll pay you back twice).

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With mystery, thriller and suspense mixed into one, this drama series is something to watch. However, there are many banking and economic terms, which will be enough to turn off viewers who don’t like super serious dramas like this. Therefore, putting that aspect aside, and focusing more on investigative action and trick-reveal, viewers will get their own sense of addiction, where one episode will feel like it’s not enough. Do not believe? Let’s just watch this series to prove it.

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