Hanyo No Yashahime Moroha’s Colors, And Character Analysis

After several months have passed since announcement of a sequel to the anime Inuyasha entitled Hanyo no Yashahime, the latest update for the anime that will be playing this time comes about Moroha who is Inuyasha and Kagome’s son. Regarding the color of the character itself, the image shown also tells a little about the additional background info. What are these two things like? Let’s take a closer look.

The dominant color is red

In image released on Hanyo no Yashahime’s official twitter, we can see that Moroha’s appearance is full of red from top to bottom. Of course not to miss is the red ribbon that adorns his head, which is rumored in each profile will become the trademark of Moroha’s own character. One thing that is also pointed out by this tweet is about “Hinezumi no Koromo”, or if translated means the Fire Rat Cloak. For those who are familiar with the world of Inuyasha’s, of course you know that this is the name of the clothes that Inuyasha himself had worn in the previous series. Did Moroha get it by accident, or did Inuyasha leave it for him? We have to wait for a more complete answer when the anime is playing.

Hanyo no Yashahime-01

Along with the appearance of Moroha’s character coloring, fans will also be able to see for the first time in detail “Kurikaramaru”, Moroha’s mainstay sword that he will often use to eradicate roaming monsters. A little difficult to understand the meaning of its name, this sword has an engraved image of a dragon that seems to fly from the hilt of the weapon. The image of the dragon itself is also closely related to the stance that the sword will often appear, “Kouryuha” or if translated it means “Crimson Dragon Blast”. With a move that is described as the appearance of a Fire Dragon, of course this is a very suitable name considering the red color that is identical to Moroha.

hanyo no yashahime-02

Analysis of Hanyo no Yashahime Moroha

Coming back to Moroha’s design, we can see from the coloring that this time there are more details and understand a little about how Moroha is depicted as a child. Inuyasha and Kagome. First of all, after previously only seeing faces resembling Kagome and Inuyasha, with this coloring, Moroha’s face is more reminiscent of Inuyasha’s human form. This may be due to the shape of his eyes which are similar to Inuyasha’s, although the other features on his face are features that we will find for Kagome.

Hanyo no yashahime-03

From appearances, there are also many things that can be referenced, one thing that is certain and has been confirmed is that the clothes worn by Moroha are indeed the Hinezumi no Koromo worn by Inuyasha in the past. It does have a different model, but if you pay attention and compare, they both have the same color. We’ll just have to wait for the TV series later to find out why Moroha can have this magical object.

And that’s him Mobidachi, the latest things we can catch about Hanyo no Yashahime Moroha. With a few months left before the start of the series for the season Autumn Anime 2022, looks like there will be more info popping up about it. Always follow this site for their latest info, and let’s leave your comments below about what you think about this color design. See you.

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