Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand Successfully Brings Gen.G to DreamHack Anaheim Champion

GridGames.ID – Gen.G finally won first place with their newest roster.

The team that was strengthened by BnTeT managed to beat FURIA in the final round of DreamHack Anaheim with a striking score, 16-7, 19-15.

With this victory, BnTeT cs has the right to take home a cash prize of $50 thousand or around Rp. 695 million.

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Gen.G actually came to DreamHack Anaheim underdog status.

However, BnTeT, daps, autimatic, koosta, and s0m managed to perform very well during the group stage.

Entered in the tough group with ENCE, MIBR, and Complexity Gaming, Gen.G managed to win the group without defeat.

FURIA who also won the other group immediately waited for Gen.G in the final.

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The first match takes place on Nuke, FURIA’s preferred map.

FURIA who are confident with their choice appeared quite pressing at the beginning of the match.

Unfortunately, Gen.G players managed to appear more aggressive.

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Kenneth ‘koosta’ Suen became one of the stars after successfully surviving in 1vs4 conditions.

Sam ‘s0m’ Oh also has good stats. He recorded 26 kills on Nuke.

The absolute first match of belonging to Gen.G.

Gen.G chose Inferno as the battlefield in the second match.

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Performed very well in the first match, this time Gen.G looked much more confident.

Even so, it looks like FURIA managed to put up a fiercer resistance this time.

The final score of 19-15 was little evidence of FURIA’s attempt to take revenge in the second match.

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Unfortunately, Gen.G who already has a big name is still hard to beat.

After this Gen.G will continue their competition at the Jönköping Masters.


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