Handsome! Bigetron Officially Introduces Belletron Elite Squad for PUBGM

GridGamesID – This is good news for you Bigetron fans, especially their women’s division, Belletron.

Yesterday, Friday (6/9/2019), Belletron officially introduced a new squad for their PUBGM division.

Belletron’s second PUBGM squad will be named Belletron Elite.

Well, this Belletron Elite will be filled by 4 beautiful women and of course very skilled at playing PUBGM.

Curious? These are the members.

Elissa Novia Putri – BTR Ellis. Play the Support role as well as become the team Captain.

BTR Ellis


BTR Ellis

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Celine Halim – BTR Shelinee. Play the role of Scout or Sniper.

BTR Shelinee


BTR Shelinee

Jessica Tanuwijaya – BTR Jtea. Playing the role of Rusher as well as being an in game leader.

BTR Jtea


BTR Jtea

Rachel Maryam – BTR Celo. Play the role of Flanker.

BTR Celo


BTR Celo

With the presence of these 4 cool women, now Belletron has more troops.

In the PUBGM division itself, Belletron already has 5 other members who are members of the first squad.

They are BTR Babyla, BTR Vien, BTR Alice, BTR, BTR Kyra, and BTR Lea.

Unfortunately Bigetron still hasn’t released the full profile of each member of this Belletron Elite.

AnywayCongratulations and good luck to Belletron Elite, I hope you can get the title soon.

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