Halloween’s latest Free Fire event, free bundles!

The latest Free Fire event scheduled to be held at the end of October!

Did you know that October is nearing the end and there will be an international holiday at the end of October?

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner. Indonesians don’t celebrate Halloween, but the event is still here.

One of them appears in the game Free Fire (FF) There are lots of interesting events every month and lots of prizes.

To celebrate Halloween at the end of the month, Free Fire will publish an event full of horribly cool skins.

Let’s see what kind of event will come out!

Haloin Free Bundle Event

The name of the event that comes out is HaloinWelcome to the hugely successful Halloween events around the world.

The event has lots of Halloween-themed prizes and free bundles.

To be able to get a bundle Black rose locker It’s free and you only need to log in for 5 days.

Source: ffdataminer

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The login event, which is held every big event, will be held again, and this time on the 5th day, you will get a wonderful black bundle!

This login is October 27, 2022 – November 9, 2022, For those who didn’t have the opportunity to log in, there are still days. I’m sorry I didn’t get this free bundle.

You have the opportunity to get it as well as the bundle Skin Pan Haunting Night To show more of the eerie side of your character.

Halloween’s spooky pumpkin-like design skinpan is perfect for hunting enemies in FF.

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You can also get this panskin for free by completing it Damage mission Which FF will issue November 29, 2022 later.

To get the panskin, you need to collect the total. 8000 damage Free Fire games shouldn’t take too long for advanced players.

Don’t forget to log in to Peak day Okay October 31, 2022 to get 2 Weapon Royal Vouchers And 1 diamond royale voucher If you don’t get it, it’s a big loss.

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