Had Disappeared from Playstore, Free Fire is Officially Released by Garena Indonesia

Free Fire is now officially released by Garena Indonesia

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – May 16, 2022 – Garena Indonesia has officially released their newest game: Free Fire Battlegrounds. Free Fire – Battlegrounds is a Survival Shooter Game available for iOS and Android Mobile devices. Over the past 2 months, Free Fire – Battlegrounds has become a very successful mobile game. In their official facebook fanpage, a representative from Garena said that “since May 14 2022, Free Fire has become the number 1 mobile game in 22 countries, and has become the Top 5 mobile games in more than 50 countries”, with a total of tens of millions of downloads.

Survival is the key to victory in Free Fire. In this thrilling game, Survivor (as Free Fire players are called) will be placed on a desert island along with 50 other players, and they will compete to beat each other. Each Survivor is required to successfully obtain weapons, survive in the game zone, and hijack other players’ belongings. Fun again, Survivor can find a lot of vehicles to explore the map, they also hide in the trenches, or hide in the meadow.

Had Disappeared from Playstore, Free Fire Officially Released by Garena Indonesia

Free Fire can be played in several modes, namely Solo mode, Duo mode, and also Squad mode where Survivors can form teams of four with their friends. In addition, there is an exclusive Customer Service service that is ready to help Survivors who find problems in the Game.

Had Disappeared from Playstore, Free Fire is Officially Released by Garena Indonesia

The advantages that Free Fire has compared to similar games are a stable local server, an easy Hotkey control system, smooth and realistic graphics, and an in-game Voice Chat feature that allows 4 people in a team to communicate well in order to secure victory.

Android Download Link: http://bit.ly/FreeFireAndroid
iOS Download Link: http://bit.ly/FreeFireiOS

Free Fire itself was previously a project carried out by a small Developer team at Garena, which has slowly grown to meet the high standards of other games at Garena.

As part of Sea, Garena is also a supporter and organizer of the largest eSports event in Southeast Asia which has enlarged the Game ecosystem and the involvement of its own players. In the future, of course, there will be many events and tournaments for Free Fire organized by Garena Indonesia.

About Free Fire

Free Fire is a Survival Game where there are 50 players who are stranded on a desert island, and knock each other down. The game developed and released by Garena is available on iOS and Android, and has become the number 1 mobile game in 22 countries since May 14, 2022.

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