Great! PUBG Mobile EVOS Squad Becomes Indonesia’s Representative at PEGI 2022

GridGamesID – PEGI alias Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational is an international tournament for the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.

Yep, in China PUBG Mobile did get a number of adjustments because the content was considered inappropriate.

Then Tencent modified this game and changed its name to Games For Peace.

There are many differences in this game when compared to PUBG Mobile. The most striking thing is that there is no longer a picture of blood in this game.

In addition, when a character dies, the character will not lie down like a corpse in general, but just sit and wave as a sign of surrender.

Now in this world tournament for Game For Peace, one of the teams from Indonesia, namely EVOS Esports, received a direct invitation to compete.

quote, later there will be 24 other teams selected from various countries.

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