Great GG! Celiboy Makes History of Most Kills in MPL ID Season 4

GridGames.ID – Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 4 is at the end of the Regular Season.

During the eight weeks it was held, there were many unexpected battles, one of which was the superiority made by the Alter Ego team, which in the previous season was in the middle board, even at the bottom.

Maungzy and friends were even named “Dark Horse” in this season’s MPL ID, you know!

Until now, Alter Ego has established its position in third place in the standings.

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From week to week, Alter Ego really shows his confidence in fighting against seven other teams who are equally struggling in MPL ID Season 4.

One important figure who stole the attention of their current formation is Celiboy, who is now dubbed as The Miracle Boy.

Alter Ego Celiboy

Alter Ego Celiboy

The player with the full name of Eldian Rahardian Putra is one of the new recruits from Alter Ego.

Celiboy himself previously played under the Team Capcorn flag in the 2022 Esports President’s Cup and joined RRQ TCN until finally officially recruited by Alter Ego eSports.

Aditya Santos as Alter Ego Manager of the Mobile Legends division said, “Before Celiboy was introduced, we had time to look at several other players and maybe they weren’t matched (to join). So we’re maximizing players who really want to join Alter Ego.”

Aditya also said that the previous recruits only saw Alter Ego as a small team.

“Differing from Celiboy’s opinion, he is special in the lineup of players we want to sign. He is still young and wants to play with his idol, Maungzy. Celiboy also wants to give maximum game potential to Alter Ego for the MPL ID Season 4 event,” said Aditya.

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Celiboy has indeed become a byword after GG’s kill score, because it is proven that he has recorded the most kills until the seventh week ago, which is 178 times.

In addition to the high number of kills, the assists of 157 and the low death score of 75 are evidence of Celiboy’s consistent appearance in the last few weeks.

When compared to other players, Celiboy’s KDA (Kill/Death/Assist) Rating is listed as one of the best with 4.5.

Although Celiboy is present as the spearhead in the Alter Ego team, other roster such as Arss, Rmitchi, Maungzy, Caesius, Chester, and LeoMurphy also deserve the highest praise thanks to the consistent performance shown.

Alter Ego eSports

Dock. MPL ID S4

Alter Ego eSports

Because without good teamwork, there won’t be a “Miracle Child” born under the name Celiboy, right, guys?

Overall, Alter Ego has pocketed 456 kills and 987 assists, which is only lost by RRQ, who has a slight lead at 499 kills and 994 assists.

Alter Ego when winning a match in MPL ID S4

Dock. MPL ID S4

Alter Ego when winning a match in MPL ID S4

With the strength and position that is now increasingly rising, can Alter Ego secure a win-streak as well as solidify the top 3 position?


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